The wrong of unshapely things is a wrong too great to be told. I hunger to builder them anew, and with the earth and the sky and water remade, like caskets of gold, for my dream of your image that blossoms, a rose in the deeps of my heart.

  While painting and sculpting throughout her working life in mainly service industries Nancy E. Schade gradually found a vision to wholesomely express the environment she encountered. This small gallery of bronze sculptures was begun eight years ago after she was released from a Gallery sales job and entered a business plan workshop. Nancy won a second mention for her plan and launched Great and Small Creations. This gallery will exhibit each new edition of sculptures as the are released from the foundry in as 25 editions of each signed and numbered and stamped lost wax bronzes. You may also be seeing the oil paintings and murals she has been working on the past 30 years while living in Vermont and Mallorca, Spain. Early on Schade was accepted to The Pennsylvania Academy of The Fine Arts (1962-1967) where she won the Stewardson Sculpture award for figurative work and the sculptor of the year Award upon completion. Schade is a member of the oldest artists fellowship in America, The Fellowship of The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, her great great uncle on her mothers side Joeseph Boggs Beale is also a member and was one of the first to project images onto a screen with his 1800 hand painted with jewel dust Lantern slides. Nancy E. Schade was born in Chestnut hill, Pennsylvania. Her father was an engineer, her mother a wonderful person who had four children; Nancy was a second daughter and had two younger brothers. It was a very happy time she rode horses and enjoyed her grandparents farm in Bucks County with her siblings and cousins as well as the family home "Shady Acres" until her move to Vermont in 1969. She returned to Pennsylvania when her youngest brother Stephen died in a car accident in 1971 and visited her Academy years but always returned to Vermont where she built a life and accepted her career and service to life as an artist teacher and spiritual developer.

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